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HRDatabank is a platform that you can find and recruit excellent talents around the world.
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Rich Database

Candidates from mainly 57 developing countries with 30 different languages have registered to the system. You can find various kind of talents on this platform, and the available skill range is from IT skill to infrastructure-related skill and the career experiences of the candidates are ranging from recent graduates to executives.

Reasonable Price

For the standard plan, you can enjoy unlimited recruitment of foreign talents by paying ¥5,000/month only as the system usage fee. No other additional fee, such as result reward, will be occurred,

Smooth Recruitment

Are you worrying about recruiting foreign talents? HRDatabank will support your recruitment from visa application to candidate communication. Nothing to worry even it is the first time to recruit a foreigner.

HRDatabank Now (2017/01/21)

After the service release in January 2017, many companies have matched with suitable candidates.


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You can use the system after registering simple information PIC of your company on HRDatabank. More detailed company information can increase the reliability of your company.


You can find the most suitable candidate by filtering skill, experience and nationality.


You can chat with the candidate and arrange an interview after your offering a job and the candidate has accepted your offer.


The employment pattern is not only full-time employment but also part-time or internship. Moreover, you can employ a candidate after assessing the competency of the candidate by outsourcing.

You can enjoy unlimited recruitment paying only ¥5,000 usage fee per month!

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